How Much Is 10 Tons Of Granite In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

The cost of a 10-tonne shipment of 1-inch Granite runs between N80,000 and N100,000, while 20-tonne cargo costs between N105,000 and N130,000.

If you’re planning a building project in Lagos, Nigeria, and need to transport 10 tons of granite, there are a few things to consider.

These criteria include the distance the granite must be transported, the type and size of vehicles used for delivery, and transit availability.

The greater the distance that the granite must be delivered, the higher the cost of gasoline, labor, and other charges will most certainly be. Larger vehicles, such as trucks with trailer beds, can often transport more granite in a single trip, which can assist lower overall transport costs; however, larger vehicles may be more expensive to operate and maintain.

How Much Is 10 Tons Of Granite In Nigeria

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The cost of transportation can also be influenced by its availability, since high demand for transportation services may raise the cost of acquiring the cars and labor required for transportation.

Taxes and fees, fuel expenses, and the demand for granite at the time of transport are all elements that may influence the price. To acquire the most accurate estimate of the cost of carrying 10 tons of granite in Lagos, examine all of these elements and obtain quotations from multiple transportation operators.

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