Current Price Of Sharp Sand In Lagos & Where to Buy!

Sharp sand, which is also called concrete sand or coarse sand, is an important part of the building industry. Usually, it is used as a base for paving projects and to make concrete. In Lagos, the price of sharp sand depends on where you buy it and who sells it.

Sharp sand prices in Lagos can range from NGN 105,000 to NGN 130,000, depending on location and source. The price of sharp sand may be higher in metropolitan regions or imported, while it may be lower in rural areas or locally sourced.

The price of sharp sand in Lagos is affected by the cost of getting it there. Sharp sand is often brought in from outside the city, which can make it more expensive because it costs money to get it to construction sites.

The price can also be affected by how much people want sharp sand in the city. Due to the way supply and demand work, the price of the material may go up if there is a lot of demand for it.

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When making a budget for a building project, builders and contractors need to think carefully about how much sharp sand will cost. One way to save money is to buy sharp sand from nearby suppliers, which can cut down on the cost of shipping.

You should also compare prices from different places to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Current Price Of Sharp Sand In Lagos

Overall, the price of sharp sand in Lagos can change a lot depending on a number of different things. Builders and contractors can make sure they are getting the best deal on this important building material by keeping an eye on transportation costs and demand and shopping around for the best prices.

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